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This sassy 'do is a great look for Linda. Her hair was cut into a chic bob that is level with her back hairline and her hair was tucked behind her ears to keep her look tidy and her hair off her face. This is a great hairstyle for oval face shapes.

How to Style: Allow your stylist one and a half hours of time for hot roller setting, curl forming and pinning. This style will hold well in all weather conditions.


Lisa made a statement at the Lifetime Channel'sSeason Up Fronts with the help of this eye-catching hairstyle. Her hair was cut short and was tapered from her back hairline to a longer length through her top section. Her hair was also chipped all over to create a great amount of texture all the way throughout the style. Her bangs were cut piecey and styled to fall onto her forehead for a textured finish and to help hide her high hairline.

How to Style: Apply mousse to damp hair then blow-dry the top section straight. Leave the mid lengths and ends in curls by scrunch drying them and use hot tongs throughout if you need some extra curl. Finish the style with smoothing shine and hair spray for hold.

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